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Japanese conversation & communication in Shops and Restaurants

How do you say in Japan shop and restaurants? After announcement of 2015 Tokyo Olympic, there are so many visitors in Japan. But almost of them are struggling how do they ask something in shops and restaurants.

When you think “How do we communicate with Japanese?” or “I need Japanese interpreter”, you can just show following we site. By showing its pages, you can easily communicate with Japanese in shops, restaurants and towns.


This site has some categories such as “Shop”, “Cafe & Restaurants” and “Where is”. If you select shop, you can see some English sentences. Then if you select one of them, you can get a Japanese sentence. You can show this Japanese using Smart-phone or Tablet.


Also, if you want communicate about “Price”, you can use slide-bar to confirm its price.

HowSayInJapan Price

And, in “Where is” category, you can ask with location name where you want to go, as follows.

HowSayInJapan Where

Most of Japanese who are working in Shops and Restaurants can not speak English. They usually hesitate to communicate with foreign visitors. But if you use this Web site, they will feel it is very easy to communicate.

This is a simple Web site but it covers most of basic conversation in Japan Shops, Restaurants and so on.

Let’s try !



Shinjyuku restaurant , cafe and godzilla !

In eastern side of Shinjyuku, there is a good traditional Shinjyuku restaurant “Acacia” (top photo). It is very famous for its “Cabbage Roll Stew (Rolled Cabbage)”.  In rich taste Stew, there are two big and soft chunks of cabbage including meat as follows.


Out side of restaurant, there is some menu models as follow. You can check your favorite menu.


Inside of this restaurant is very traditional Japanese cafe style as follows.


Five minutes walk from Acacia, you can find “Godzilla” on top of Shinjyuku building. It has appeared from beginning of 2015.


It is new specialty of Shinjyuku Kabuki-cho street.


Shinjyuku Isetan is the best place for shopping brands in Shinjyuku. After shopping, I recommend to have a coffee and sweets in Raika cafe at fifth floor.


Following Chocolate cake is very soft and deep taste !



Preferred Japanese Crab Restaurant at Nihombashi, Tokyo

At Nihombashi Tokyo, there is a very nice Japanese Crab Restaurant “Kani-Fuku”. (You can 10 minutes walk from Tokyo Station) “Kani” is crab in Japanese. It looks like old Japanese house as follows.



At first, please order “Kani Sashimi”, it is fresh Sashimi (raw) of crab. It is rare and very good taste.


Following is “Chawan mushi”, a steamed egg bowl with crab. It is very soft like pudding, but not sweet.


Following is “King Crab Caviar” … egg of Kani.


Top photo is “Kani seiro mushi”, steamed crab in a steaming basket. You can cut crab shell and pick up.

Main dish is “Kani-meshi”, steamed rice with crab. Of course you can eat as it is, but another way is to pour crab soup on this rice. You can enjoy two different way!


After rice, please order following “Kani miso” with Japanse Sake. Kami-miso is a testis of crab. I believe, “Kani miso” is most suitable dish for Japanese Sake.


Moreover, Kani-Fuku’s Kani-miso is so great !


It takes about 4000-5000 yen per person, I think.



New Ginza Cafe and Shopping Spot – KIRARITO

KIRARITO-Ginza is a new Ginza building opened in autumn 2014. There are so many good jewelry shops and cafe/restaurants in this.

In this building, there are two famous Ginza cafe, “Mercer Brunch” and “Eggs’n things”. Mercer Brunch is famous for its French-toast.  Eggs’n things is famous for its pan-cakes. Both of them always have long waiting line in 4th floor of this building.

In 6th floor, there is a calm Japanese cafe “Ginza no Kanazawa”. Kanazawa is a local city in Japan and this Ginza cafe is promoting things in Kanazawa city.

I love following Renkon (lotus root) cake of this cafe. Renkon is one of the special product of Kanazawa, it is wrapped in light and soft cream in this cake. Its topping is real gold. I also love tableware of this cafe.


Next to this cafe, there is an earthenware shop. There are some beautiful Kanazawa earthenware in this shop and you can buy.


Also you can see some beautiful objet using golds.


=> Ginza Shopping and Sweets – Matsuya 




Preferred Japanese Restaurant around Tokyo Disneyland and Maihama

I would like to share Japanese restaurants around Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Resort and Maihama station.

If you go out from Maihama station, you can find a large shopping center: IKSPIARI.

In 4th floor of IKSPIARI, there is a famous Japanese Sukiyaki restaurant “Imahan”.  You can have very delicious Sukiyaki calmly. Imahan is one of the most famous Sukiyaki restaurant in center of Tokyo (Asakusa, Nihombashi), but you can also visit in Maihama Tokyo Disney Resort.

In Imahan, a lady in charge of your table will serve you and cock very thin meat on your desk (Top Photo). It is so sweet meat and it will melt on your tongue.

In same 4th floor, “Rinya” is an excellent Japanese “Soba” noodle and Tempura restaurant. Rinya’s Soba is the special Soba, so called “Hegi-Soba” its Soba flour is including Nori (seaweed). It is very simple and plain taste, and so healthy!


If it is lunch time, I recommend to have Japanese Ramen noodle at “Hakata Ippudo” on 3rd floor of IKSPIARI. In the approach to Ippudo, you may see long line of waiting people. It is very famous Ramen restaurant in Japan.




Preferred Tokyo Restaurant in Aoyama – “Kihachi”

“KIHACHI” is one of famous Tokyo restaurants in Aoyama. The approach to KIHACHI is a famous park “Meiji Jingu Gaien”, it is very popular area especially in Autumn Leaves season. There are so many beautiful ginkgo trees around this restaurant.

I recommend to have a “Wild Duck en Papillote with Leeks”. If you order this menu, at first, you will see a loaf of bread as follows.


Then, a lady in charge of your table will open this bread. So you will discover well roasted Wild Duck !



=> Autumn Leaves Tokyo in Shibuya Meiji-jingu-gaien



Preferred Tokyo Station Ramen restaurant- “Rokurinsha”

Rokurinsha” is one of the most famous Ramen (Japanese noodle) restaurants in Tokyo. One of them are located under Tokyo Station Ramen street. (following photo is Gran-Front of Tokyo Station)


Under the Tokyo Station, located in B1, there is the “Ramen Street” some Ramen restaurants are located side by side.


But it is easy to find Rokurinsha because so many people are waiting in long line. In usual, it takes 60 min… my lowest time was 10 min.


The top photo is, “Tsuke-men” (Ramen to drip into soup by myself)  which is the most popular type of Ramen in Rokurinsha (850 yen). It is not so hot and has very complex taste including fish powder.


Ramen” was came from Chinese noodle, but it is evolved to Japan unique noodle. I think, Rokurinsha is the most typical Japanese unique noodle and best experience for foreigners.

Let’s try !


Preferred Tokyo SkyTree view Japanese restaurant – “Kunimi”

My best Japanese Restaurant with Tokyo SkyTree view is, “Kunimi”. Kunimi is located in Sora-machi next to Tokyo SkyTree, so it is very close to SkyTree.

Kunimi’s food is like an Art. It is very Japanese style and so beautiful dish up. Following photo is Sashimi on shellfish.


Next photo is “Chimaki” it is special type of rice cake for Children’s day (May 5th).


Kunimi is very close to Tokyo SkyTree and we can see it very closely. Following movie is Light-on time of SkyTree.


If you do not go up to Tokyo SkyTree, you can enjoy very beautiful and nice Japanese Food seeing SkyTree from Kunimi restaurant.