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Japanese conversation & communication in Shops and Restaurants

How do you say in Japan shop and restaurants? After announcement of 2015 Tokyo Olympic, there are so many visitors in Japan. But almost of them are struggling how do they ask something in shops and restaurants.

When you think “How do we communicate with Japanese?” or “I need Japanese interpreter”, you can just show following we site. By showing its pages, you can easily communicate with Japanese in shops, restaurants and towns.


This site has some categories such as “Shop”, “Cafe & Restaurants” and “Where is”. If you select shop, you can see some English sentences. Then if you select one of them, you can get a Japanese sentence. You can show this Japanese using Smart-phone or Tablet.


Also, if you want communicate about “Price”, you can use slide-bar to confirm its price.

HowSayInJapan Price

And, in “Where is” category, you can ask with location name where you want to go, as follows.

HowSayInJapan Where

Most of Japanese who are working in Shops and Restaurants can not speak English. They usually hesitate to communicate with foreign visitors. But if you use this Web site, they will feel it is very easy to communicate.

This is a simple Web site but it covers most of basic conversation in Japan Shops, Restaurants and so on.

Let’s try !



Preferred Ginza Shopping and Sweets – Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo

Ginza is very famous town for brand shopping in Tokyo, Japan. Ginza shopping is great experience for visitors to Japan, I think.
When you walk around Ginza, you can find so many world wide brand shops as follows,


This Louis Vuitton shop is incorporated in Matsuya Ginza which is famous shopping store (department store, in Japanese). So many famous brands such as Burberry, Issey, agnis b, Prada, Armni and Zenia are in Matsuya.

In Matsuya Ginza, there are Tax Refund Counter and Currency Exchange Machine in B1.

Also, in underground floor B1, there are so many sweets and foods shops, it is so called as “Depa-Chika” in Japan. My recommendation is Libertable (following photo) which is sweet cake shop using unique stuff.


For example, left cake is “Luxe”, it includes Chocolate and Truffe. Right cake is “Zenith”, it includes Apple Carameliser and Foie-gras. Center cake is Mont Blanc with Porcini mushroom. They have very rich and complex taste !



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