Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo and Maihama

Top photo is the Cherry Blossoms’ tunnel in Maihama, close to Tokyo Disney Land.  This is 1 km Cherry Blossom tunnel along a river. You can walk 10 minutes from Maihama station.


There are so many beautiful cherry blossoms: “Somei-yoshino”.  It blooms only one or two weeks at the same time in the beginning of April.


This year (2015), it started blooming from 30th March, its peak will be 5th April, I think. There are some large cherry blossom trees in this Maihama town.


You can walk or drive under this cherry blossom tunnel.


Also, “Kasai Rinkai Park” is very famous cherry blossoms park in Tokyo.  “Kasai Rinkai Koen” station is next to Maihama station. You can enjoy BBQ if you reserve BBQ area. Also, there is good aquarium in this park.

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