New Ginza Cafe and Shopping Spot – KIRARITO

KIRARITO-Ginza is a new Ginza building opened in autumn 2014. There are so many good jewelry shops and cafe/restaurants in this.

In this building, there are two famous Ginza cafe, “Mercer Brunch” and “Eggs’n things”. Mercer Brunch is famous for its French-toast.  Eggs’n things is famous for its pan-cakes. Both of them always have long waiting line in 4th floor of this building.

In 6th floor, there is a calm Japanese cafe “Ginza no Kanazawa”. Kanazawa is a local city in Japan and this Ginza cafe is promoting things in Kanazawa city.

I love following Renkon (lotus root) cake of this cafe. Renkon is one of the special product of Kanazawa, it is wrapped in light and soft cream in this cake. Its topping is real gold. I also love tableware of this cafe.


Next to this cafe, there is an earthenware shop. There are some beautiful Kanazawa earthenware in this shop and you can buy.


Also you can see some beautiful objet using golds.


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