Preferred Japanese Crab Restaurant at Nihombashi, Tokyo

At Nihombashi Tokyo, there is a very nice Japanese Crab Restaurant “Kani-Fuku”. (You can 10 minutes walk from Tokyo Station) “Kani” is crab in Japanese. It looks like old Japanese house as follows.



At first, please order “Kani Sashimi”, it is fresh Sashimi (raw) of crab. It is rare and very good taste.


Following is “Chawan mushi”, a steamed egg bowl with crab. It is very soft like pudding, but not sweet.


Following is “King Crab Caviar” … egg of Kani.


Top photo is “Kani seiro mushi”, steamed crab in a steaming basket. You can cut crab shell and pick up.

Main dish is “Kani-meshi”, steamed rice with crab. Of course you can eat as it is, but another way is to pour crab soup on this rice. You can enjoy two different way!


After rice, please order following “Kani miso” with Japanse Sake. Kami-miso is a testis of crab. I believe, “Kani miso” is most suitable dish for Japanese Sake.


Moreover, Kani-Fuku’s Kani-miso is so great !


It takes about 4000-5000 yen per person, I think.