Preferred Japanese Restaurant around Tokyo Disneyland and Maihama

I would like to share Japanese restaurants around Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Resort and Maihama station.

If you go out from Maihama station, you can find a large shopping center: IKSPIARI.

In 4th floor of IKSPIARI, there is a famous Japanese Sukiyaki restaurant “Imahan”.  You can have very delicious Sukiyaki calmly. Imahan is one of the most famous Sukiyaki restaurant in center of Tokyo (Asakusa, Nihombashi), but you can also visit in Maihama Tokyo Disney Resort.

In Imahan, a lady in charge of your table will serve you and cock very thin meat on your desk (Top Photo). It is so sweet meat and it will melt on your tongue.

In same 4th floor, “Rinya” is an excellent Japanese “Soba” noodle and Tempura restaurant. Rinya’s Soba is the special Soba, so called “Hegi-Soba” its Soba flour is including Nori (seaweed). It is very simple and plain taste, and so healthy!


If it is lunch time, I recommend to have Japanese Ramen noodle at “Hakata Ippudo” on 3rd floor of IKSPIARI. In the approach to Ippudo, you may see long line of waiting people. It is very famous Ramen restaurant in Japan.