Railway cafe & shops “Manseibashi” in Tokyo Akihabara

Akihabara is the most famous town to buy electric products. It is very close to Tokyo and there are so many people on weekend. (main road becomes pedestrian zone on weekend)


Next to Akihabara, there is an old red brick store “Manseibashi store (ecute)“, the top photo.
(following photo is took from Manseibashi)



Manseibashi was a Train Station from 1912 to 1943.  From 2013, it recreated to store including some shops. Old constructions are reused to this store as follows.


There are some shop related to railways.  Following picture is train chopsticks (Hashi) . Its shape is based on Shinkansen super express.


On the top of this store, there is an interesting Cafe “N3331 Cafe&Bar”. Because it was a platform for railway, this cafe building is located between rails. (between up and down train) You can drink coffee seeing running trains very closely.


In this cafe, I recommend to drink “Fujisan (Fuji-mountain) Soda” as following photo. It is very beautiful color drink.