Nikko Tosho-gu Shrine and Ryuokyo valley

Nikko Tosho-gu Shrine (Shinto shrine)  is one of the most famous Shinto-shrine in Japan. It is located at Nikko, it takes 2 hours from Tokyo. As top photo, there is the impressive big shrine (Tohshoh-gu Yohmei-gate). Fine sculptures are  carved around these constructions as follows .


Most famous sculpture of Nikko is, following “three wise monkeys”.  This Nikko Monkeys are teaching “Should not hear, speak and see evils while young”. It is a traditional symbol in Chinese and Japanese culture.


After hundreds of stone steps, you can approach to the grave of Tokugawa Ieyasu who is the most famous Shogun (General) in Japan history. Following bronze urn contains the remains of Ieyasu.


In Nikko Tosyo-gu Shrine, you can also see the  five-story Pagoda. Each story represents Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Ether – in ascending order.


When you visit to Nikko Tosyogu, you should also visit to Kegon-no-Taki (Waterfall). Its height is about 100m and there is very impressive nature.


I recommend you to stay at Nikko because there are so many wonderful Japanese style hotels with Hot-Spa, in Kinugawa. If you can stay, you can go to Ryuo-kyo valley. There are beautiful river and good hiking trail in this Japan national park.


Also, at this Kinugawa river, you can enjoy River Cruise !


It is also very beautiful in Autumn Leaves season !