Shinjyuku restaurant , cafe and godzilla !

In eastern side of Shinjyuku, there is a good traditional Shinjyuku restaurant “Acacia” (top photo). It is very famous for its “Cabbage Roll Stew (Rolled Cabbage)”.  In rich taste Stew, there are two big and soft chunks of cabbage including meat as follows.


Out side of restaurant, there is some menu models as follow. You can check your favorite menu.


Inside of this restaurant is very traditional Japanese cafe style as follows.


Five minutes walk from Acacia, you can find “Godzilla” on top of Shinjyuku building. It has appeared from beginning of 2015.


It is new specialty of Shinjyuku Kabuki-cho street.


Shinjyuku Isetan is the best place for shopping brands in Shinjyuku. After shopping, I recommend to have a coffee and sweets in Raika cafe at fifth floor.


Following Chocolate cake is very soft and deep taste !