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Preferred Ginza Shopping and Sweets – Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo

Ginza is very famous town for brand shopping in Tokyo, Japan. Ginza shopping is great experience for visitors to Japan, I think.
When you walk around Ginza, you can find so many world wide brand shops as follows,


This Louis Vuitton shop is incorporated in Matsuya Ginza which is famous shopping store (department store, in Japanese). So many famous brands such as Burberry, Issey, agnis b, Prada, Armni and Zenia are in Matsuya.

In Matsuya Ginza, there are Tax Refund Counter and Currency Exchange Machine in B1.

Also, in underground floor B1, there are so many sweets and foods shops, it is so called as “Depa-Chika” in Japan. My recommendation is Libertable (following photo) which is sweet cake shop using unique stuff.


For example, left cake is “Luxe”, it includes Chocolate and Truffe. Right cake is “Zenith”, it includes Apple Carameliser and Foie-gras. Center cake is Mont Blanc with Porcini mushroom. They have very rich and complex taste !



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