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Preferred Tokyo Station Ramen restaurant- “Rokurinsha”

Rokurinsha” is one of the most famous Ramen (Japanese noodle) restaurants in Tokyo. One of them are located under Tokyo Station Ramen street. (following photo is Gran-Front of Tokyo Station)


Under the Tokyo Station, located in B1, there is the “Ramen Street” some Ramen restaurants are located side by side.


But it is easy to find Rokurinsha because so many people are waiting in long line. In usual, it takes 60 min… my lowest time was 10 min.


The top photo is, “Tsuke-men” (Ramen to drip into soup by myself)  which is the most popular type of Ramen in Rokurinsha (850 yen). It is not so hot and has very complex taste including fish powder.


Ramen” was came from Chinese noodle, but it is evolved to Japan unique noodle. I think, Rokurinsha is the most typical Japanese unique noodle and best experience for foreigners.

Let’s try !


Cherry Blossoms in Kawazu, Izu, Japan

Kawazu-zakura, one type of Japanese cherry blossoms, is well-known for its blooming period and its marvelous color. It starts flowering early February, while the other types have yet to bloom with a lot of buds on every branch. Many of the cherry blossoms seen everywhere in Japan have pale pink, nearly white, petals, but Kawazu-zakura in deep pink gives people a strong impression.


It takes about 2.5 hours to travel from Tokyo (Japan) to Kawazu by train. There are thousands of cherry blossom trees along the river as well as around Kawazu station .

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You can enjoy walking around the area for about three hours, surrounded by splendid cherry blossoms.


Nice  color combination: cherry blossoms and colza.




The cherry blossoms in Kawazu begin to bloom two months ahead of those in Tokyo.  Kawazu-zakura  is a good news for people waiting for the coming of spring.

The following photo shows the original tree of Kawazu cherry blossoms. All of Kawazu-zakura were propagated from cuttings of this original tree. I believe that the cherry blossoms in Kawazu are worth seeing for visitors coming to Japan in February.

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