Japanese paper “Washi” in Tokyo

“Washi” is the traditional Japanese Paper. Now three types of washi are to be added to UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage. Washi is made from wood pulp and is used in many traditional arts.

For example, Washi is used for bookmarks (“Shiori” in Japanese) like top photo. It is really an art created by paper.

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Also Japanese usually uses Washi envelope it is so called “Pochi-bukuro” to hand money to others. For example, Japanese give small amount of money to children at new years day. This pocket money is called as “Otoshi-dama” and the money is usually wrapped by “Pochi-bukuro” as follows.


I bought these “Shiori” and “Pochi-bukuro” at Kyukyodo in Tokyo. Kyukodo is located at the center of Ginza and most famous Washi shop in Japan, I think.


There are so many Washi products in this Kyukyodo store.


And there are so many Japanese syle post-cards in this store.


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When I took Kyukyodo photo, I also took following photo. This is famous (?) Ginza Cat sleeping on top of signboard.


When you want to create Washi by yourself, you can go to Ozuwashi in Nihombashi. You can experience how to create traditional Japanese paper in weekday.


Washi of Ozuwahi is used in Japanese famous movie “The Wings of the Kirin”.  A bird (crane) was created by Washi and was key for a case of murder in this movie.
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